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A Review of Bad Bunny's X 100PRE Tour.

The Puerto Rican trap artist also known as Benito Martínez Ocasio, stopped by Atlanta to continue his worldwide X 100PRE Tour and it was something to witness. His verve and elaborate stage designs were absolutely spectacular. The trap artist has released classic bangers such as “La Romana” with El Alfa, “Ni Bien Ni Mal”, “Amorfodo” and “Krippy Kush” featuring Farruko.

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I became an ardent fan of the singer since he first he released the song “Tú no metes cabra." It was the first time I began actively listening to songs in Spanish to improve my proficiency in the language. Many professors require students to listen to songs from Spain or classical songs in Spanish which may be easier to understand. However, I decided to take a different route.

I wanted to understand Caribbean Spanish slang and how it was spoken and represented in local communities. Thus, I listened to this classic song on a random playlist on Apple Music and I instantly began to devote time to listen to the artist's work.

When Benito Martinez was under the Hear This Music Label, he only released singles and claimed that he was never allowed to release his own album. I always listened to his singles but they finally became very exhausting because he featured numerous artists in his songs and had so many remixes that it became difficult to keep up with his original flow.

Fortunately, on December 23rd, 2018, Bad Bunny released his first studio album to critical acclaim. X 100PRE encapsulated a year of success for the artist, who managed to score features with Diplo, El Alfa and Drake. After listening to the album I knew I had to see him live.

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On October 23rd, 2019. Benito was scheduled to perform at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. Before the show started I searched up his setlist to know the songs which he usually performed on his tour because I wasn’t ready for surprises. However, I was extremely eager to know who he was bringing on his tour. He surprisingly brought out Jhay Cortez in Mexico and El Alfa in New York. Sadly there were no signs of opening acts for his tour in Atlanta.

In fact, this was the case as I waited for about two hours before he began his show. Nonetheless, everything changed after he arrived. He lit up the stage with beautiful stage designs and vibrant colors. This was probably the best stage design I had ever seen. He opened up his concert with my favorite “Ni Bien Ni Mal”, which I sang wholeheartedly. He then transitioned to perform other songs of his debut album such as “200 MPH”, “Caro” and “¿Quién Tú Eres?”. He later performed fan-favorites such as”Solita”, “Sensualidad” and “Otra Noche En Miami.”

Photo Taken By Dre via Instagram (@iamdresito)

Benito only rapped during the show and didn’t necessarily dance. He had danced team that performed to a couple of his songs. Impressively, the artist didn’t take a thirty minute break and performed for more than an hour by simply rapping to his audience.

His concert picked up the slack after he performed “Te Boté”, “No Me Conoce (Remix)”, “MIA” “La Canción” and “Qué Pretendes”. These songs which were mostly reggaeton , gave a very comforting vibe during the performance. They were very easy to sing along if you knew the lyrics. However, temperatures rose sky high after the performance of “I Like It” and my personal favorite “La Romana”.

I was waving my Puerto Rican flag throughout that performance and screamed so much that I lost my voice. He had flames blowing all over the stage and his dancers lit up the performance. “Chambea” also got the crowd activated as well.

He then ended the concert with recent hit “Callaita” which brought everyone to scream the lyrics “Ella es callaita, Pero pal' sexo es atrevida, yo sé. Marihuana y bebida, gozándose la vida, como es.”

E-Benny Holding The Puerto Rican Flag. #SiemprePicheo

Overall, the concert was absolutely lively. You didn’t have to understand his speech or know his entire music catalog to have a good time. I met many people who didn’t speak Spanish but just came to have a good time. The stage design was the highlight of the show. He didn’t have anyone starting mosh pits due to the style of the arena nor did he dance to his songs like Chris Brown. Yet, he packed up the heat with his energetic rap style and made sure everyone had a great time.

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