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Sabrina Claudio Arrives At The Buckhead Theater

Sabrina's tour was a mix of pleasure and vulnerability.Two types of emotion that make her projects absolutely unique. No doubt she's one of the best in the game.

I am a huge fan of music and this year I have decided to save up money to see a couple of my favorite artists live. Atlanta is a huge magnet for music tours and almost all of you favorite artists have visited this city to either record or perform, except the fact that Rolling Loud still hasn’t found a way to use this city to book artists.

So far, I have been able to see Joey Bada$$ and his BEASTCOAST crew, Chris Brown and Protoje as well as Masego, Smino and Mahalia at AfroPunk. However, I went a different route with Sabrina’s concert.

Even though I am a huge fan of R&B, I hadn’t been to an actual concert where the singer straight up performs soul music without having a dance crew nor backup singers.

She performed Wednesday Oct. 23rd at the Buckhead Theater. She had a very simple stage design with glaring bead-like curtains in the rear view and a bunch of people who were not ready to either dance or set up mosh pits for her concert.

Gallant, a soulful R&B singer with a powerful voice, opened up for her. Gallant performed a couple lead singles off his new album, Sweet Insomnia, which was released two days later. He really got the crowd engaged despite some technical issues with his sound. He performed hits such as “Sweet Insomnia”, and my favorite, “Doesn’t Matter”.

Later on, in huge anticipation, Sabrina came out through the curtains to perform. She gave a very sultry sound which was very soothing. She didn’t really get me engaged with her stage presence but since I knew most of her songs, I didn’t mind.

She performed most of her songs from her new album, Truth Is such as “Problem With You”, “Take One To The Head”, “Holding the Gun”, “I Don’t Mean To” and title song “Truth Is”. She also went back in time to perform songs from Non Rain, No Flowers, such as “Orion’s Belt”, which later became one of my favorite songs from her. Hearing “Belong to You” and “Frozen” were pleasing as well.

The most important part of the show for me was when she stopped to explain the process of making her most recent album. She informed us that the cover art was totally inspired by her crew who helped her record her music. In the cover art, she has all the headshots of her collaborators, which I thought was sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed her concert and I was able to sing along. I don’t rate it above BEASTCOAST's tour nor Chris Brown’s because her stage presence was a little weak and if you didn’t know her music catalog, there’s a chance that you might be bored. She also didn’t perform a lot of songs from my favorite album of hers, About Time, which included hits such as “Natural”, “Stand Still”, “Wait” and “Everlasting Love”.

It was similar to Protoje’s reggae concert, but his opening acts were very engaging and he really got the crowd pumped up. Overall, Sabrina is a fantastic singer and I would like to see her perform again only if her setlist includes my favorite songs.

Set List For Truth Is Tour

1. Take One To The Head

2. Stand Still

3. Unravel Me

4. Holding The Gun

5. I Don't Mean To

6. Problem With You

7. As Long As You're Asleep

8. Frozen

9. Belong to You

10. Too Much too Late

11. Tell Me

12. Orion's Belt

13. Naked

14. Messages From Her

15. Truth Is

16. Truth Is (Spanish Version)

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