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The 50 Best Albums of 2019

This year has been a monstrous one for the music industry due to the immense impact of streaming services and the rapid production of music albums. However, quality is still the most important value for every album. Thus, scroll through to find out which albums made my list.

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This year brought us a lot in terms of music and it was extremely difficult for me to assemble all the albums I listened to and rank them according to their quality. Every album on this list was well produced and their positions in my rankings can be debated in any day of the week.

However, these albums had to have coherent themes, stellar production and immense creativity in order to rise higher in rankings. I did not consult other websites to see their rankings for albums before making my decisions, however I did see which albums which were featured in numerous charts and personally analyzed them to see if they would fit my classifications.

Thus, this list includes all the 50 albums released this year that I deemed excellent and worthy of praise. Enjoy!

50. Indigo by Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s lengthy album Indigo, seemed to be a daring task as one had to spend 2 hours and 48 minutes to listen to it to completion. However, this album of Breezy's was entirely distinct and bore all the essentials of a jam-packed album.

“Temporary Lover” and “Heat” send you straight to the dance floor while others such as “No Guidance”, “Come Together” and “All I Want” make you emotional.

Favorite song is Undecided because of the sample used and breezy’s amazing vocals.

49. Error 93 by Cazzu

In a genre dominated by males, Cazzu highlights the reason why she’s not to be doubted with Error 93. Her slow-tempo style of rap and flow are masterfully delivered with excellent sounds.

In “La Clase”, “Mucha Data” and “Penas y Problemas”, she feels ready to body anyone on any given track. On the other hand, she dwells in reggaeton in “Nada” with Dalex and Rauw Alejandro and “Rally." The message is clear, Cazzu is here to dominate the world of reggaeton with other juggernauts.

Favorite song is “Penas y Problemas” because she gets very personal on a very dark beat, which she does skillfully.

48. Sugar by KiDi

KiDi is one of Ghana’s youngest prodigies and he is absolutely ready to hit the world’s biggest stage in music. His unique flow mixed with flirtatious lyrics makes him stand out amongst Afrobeats biggest artists. His ability to successfully dwell and sing in both Twi and English is just as impressive.

In Sugar, KiDi introduces the world to his world of love and fantasy with songs such as”Gyal Dem Sugar”, “Mr Bad Man” and “Sugar Daddy”. He samples classic high-life songs in “Fakye Me” and gets really personal in “For Better For Worse."

My favorite song is still “Gyal Dem Sugar” because of its originality and the sense of appeal.

47. IllumiNATTI by Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha demonstrated why she deserves praise for her contributions to reggaeton with her project IllumiNATTI. She explores elements of bachata, Spanish trap, hip-hop and R&B and pop in her album and does it in a successful way by not losing her true voice and influence.

Influence of pop can be felt in songs such as “Era Necesario” and “Te Lo Dije” while reggaeton appears in songs such as “Deja Tus Besos” and bachata in “Soy Mía”. She exposes her own vulnerable self in “La mejor versión de mí”, which is a pure tearjerker.

My favorite song was definitely “Deja Tus Besos” because of her successful fluidity between reggaeton and trap.

46. Truth Is by Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina gets very intimate with her emotions in Truth Is while exploring new and energetic sounds. The project deals with both heartbreak and true love, but she manages to pull it off with her songwriting skills.

She appears jealous in songs such as “Me In Her”, “Rumors” and “Truth Is." On the other hand, she gets uncomfortable in “Problem With You” while being a ride or die in “Holding the Gun”, “Take One To the Head” and “As Long As You’re Asleep."

My favorite song was still "Problem With You"because of its melodious tune.

45. Nibiru by Ozuna

Ozuna’s latest project gave us a new perspective about the globalization of reggaeton and how diverse its sound has become.

Here, Ozuna develops multiple characters as he becomes bougie in “Eres Top”, “Reggaeton en Paris” and “Yo Tengo Una Gata”. However, he still remains conscious about the idea of love in “Fantasía” and “Amor Genuino”. A different side of Ozuna peaks out in “Hasta Que Salga el Sol” where he mixes elements of dark themes in hip-hop and reggaeton.

Favorite song has to be “Reggaeton en Paris” because of the successful collaboration with Wisin and Dalex where they enjoy their lives of luxury in Paris.

44. PhAses by Melii

Melii’s debut studio album PhAses, was an incredible body of work that exuded influence of the rapper’s Dominican roots and her lifestyle in New York.

She illuminates her R&B side in “Trip” , “False Signal” and “Slow For Me.” “Gangsta Talk” and “Feel Me” yield her aggression while “Anime Girls” displays her Dominican roots.

Favorite song is “Gangsta Talk” because she gets in her bag and illustrates her incredible flow on the track.

43. Shea Butter Baby by Ari Lennox

The title of this album speaks for itself. It featured a very soothing voice from Ari that distinguishes it from the numerous albums released during the year.

Ari gets very emotional and sexual in this project and these feelings can be felt in songs such as “Facetime” and “Shea Butter Baby”. The slow tempo used throughout the album gave it a very relaxing feel and the cohesion between songs was masterfully executed.

My favorite song was definitely “Whipped Cream” because of soulful vocals and the soothing beat. One of her best songs ever.

42. Llegó la Queen by Ivy Queen

The queen of reggaeton returned to remind the world why she still remains on the throne. Ivy Queen packed all the energy into this project to make you engage in full-on perreo on the dancefloor.

She doesn’t back down on “The Queen Is Here” and “Llegó la Queen” by yelling, “Saquen ya mi nombre de su boca.” She gets emotionally romantic on “ Y Tú” and desires her lover to open his eyes to her intense love. She brings perreo to the scene on “Pa’l Frente y Pa’ Tras” and “Baile Para Ti.” She reinforces her status as a badass queen on “Malvada” as she exclaims, “Me llaman bruja… porque no ha nacido nadie con mi sazón.”

Favorite Songs is “The Queen Is Here” because it brings back the flair of her previous classic songs.

41. Certified Hitmaker by Lil Mosey

Lil Mosey was all about good vibes on Certified Hitmaker where his joyous vocals dominated all his enticing beats.

He illuminates his flashy lifestyle in “So Fast” and “Live This Wild.” He collaborates with Gunna on “Stuck In A Dream” in a catchy flow that will remind you of “Sold Out Dates” and “YOSEMITE" by Travis Scott. Samples from “Blowing Me Kisses” are used in “Dreamin.” He capped it off with collaborations with Chris Brown and Trippie Redd on songs “G Walk” and “Never Scared” respectively.

Favorite song was “Live This Wild” because of the catchy lyrics and beat.

40. Paradise by Hamza

The Moroccan-French artist put his craft on full display with Paradise as he revealed his versatility and extraordinary songwriting ability. Every song was filled with punchlines and subliminal messages that make you reflect.

He flexes his lifestyle on songs like “Paradise”, “Audemars Shit” and “Henny me noie”. He gets in touch with his romantic side on songs such as “Dale X Love Therapy” and “Deep Inside” while displaying his storytelling abilities in “HS”, “Blue Crystal” and “Addiction.” Hamza is one of the few artists that I know who mixes multiple languages in songs to get his point across.

My favorite song is “Blue Crystal” because he takes his flow to another level while putting on a show.

39. Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend released a passionate album with Father Of The Bride as it displayed the group’s massive talent. This indie album featured many relaxing beats and fluid cohesion of music instruments.

Tracks to warm your heart include “Harmony Hall” and “This Life.” Ezra sings about affection in “Big Blue” and regrets in “My Mistake.” Old school vibes were also present in “Rich Man”, yet the biggest source of energy were the collaborations with Steve Lacy in “Sunflower” and “Flower Moon.”

Favorite Song had to be “Sunflower” because of the special cohesion of vocals between Ezra's and Steve Lacy's.

38. El OG WEEK by Miky Woodz

Miky Woodz destroyed all cylinders with this mini album, El OG WEEK. Word-for-word, Miky is one of the best rappers in Spanish trap and he demonstrates why he deserved to be on the pedestal in both Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean.

He acknowledges the support of his fans and brags about his flair in “Cero Importancia” and “Forever Happy” while getting sentimental in “Amigos en Común”, “Bellaqueame” and “Mi Participación”. His doppes dimes in “Superación” and “No Siento Nada" as well.

My favorite song is “Bellaqueame” because Dalex’s voice and message blends with Miky’s flow in such a magical way that can only work in OG’s world.

37. KIRK by DaBaby

DaBaby didn’t spare anyone on this album. The North Carolina native organized a list of bangers for his fans that will soon etch his name on the biggest stage in hip hop.

He makes his story know on “INTRO” before shifting gears to fan-favorites such as “BOP” and “VIBEZ." On “TOES” and “REALLY” he gets very expressive and displays his range of lyrical prowess.

Favorite song is “VIBEZ” because of his playful character in the song.

36. Escape From New York by Beast Coast

Pro Era, The UnderAchievers and Flatbush Zombies all came together to form this creative and wonderful project with a superb cohesion of all their talents. Their lyrical prowess and the diverse genres of music used in this album makes it a classic.

Theme songs such as “Left Hand”, “Rubberband”, “Bones” and “Desperado” takes you to a different realm of supreme energy, while “Distance”, “Far Away” and “Coast Clear” give you feelings of pleasure and tranquility. Surprisingly, nobody’s voice is lost in the album and if you’re a fan of New York rap, this is definitely a must-listen.

"Desperado" was arguably the best song because of the gusto present in every rapper's vocals.

35. The Academy by Rich Music LTD

Rich Music LTD packed their all-stars to finally release a project together and they didn’t disappoint. Sech, Justin Quiles, Dalex, Lenny Tavarez, Feid and Dímelo Flow demonstrated their élan in songs such as “Quizas” and “Uniforme."

In contrast, they showed their soft side with “Porno”, “Imagínate” and “Me Pregunta” which allowed the true characters of Dalex, Lenny and Sech to dominate.

Favorite song is still "Porno" because every artist on the track had their voices heard and the flow from artist to artist was impeccable.

34. I Am > I Was by 21 Savage

His most critically-acclaimed album was worth the entire hype. I Am > I Was showed his incredible talent which encompassed his passion for the game, storytelling abilities and flow.

“A lot” displayed his intimate and boastful side while “break da law” and “1.5” unveiled his hidden aggression. Old school hip-hop vibes were evoked in “a&t” while themes of love were introduced in “out for the night.”

Favorite song was “can’t leave without it” with Gunna and Lil Baby because of the beat used and the flow that each rapper used on the track.

33. Gangalee by Farruko

This may not be Farruko’s best album, however, it is undeniably his most comforting album ever released. Gangalee was one best summer albums of the year as Farru truly unveiled his tropical roots through the influence of the sounds from Puerto rico, Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. This is a huge step for the artist since he has primarily dwelled in trap, but in Gangalee, Farru uses numerous sounds to allow you to relax and vibe under the sun.

He gets braggadocious about Puerto Rico on “La Cartera”, “Borinquen Bella”, “Calma” and “Delincuente."Then, he sings in “GangaXtrip”, “Portate Mal” and “Sorpresa”. He also does a great job inviting other artists such as frequent collaborator, Bad Bunny, Zion & Lennox, Konshens and Manuel turizo.

Favorite song is still "Borinquen Bella" because of the immense praise for his country and his people.

32. Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande produced a masterful and ambitious project with Thank You, Next as she gets very personal with her sexual relationships and desires. In such an emotional album, Ari makes sure to make every song stand out despite creating a great transition from song to song.

She expresses her desire for realness in songs such as “fake smile”, “make up” and “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.” On the other hand, she expresses desire for personal needs in “needy” and “NASA” while getting cocky on songs such as “7 rings” and “thank you, next.”

My favorite song was still “thank you, next” because of the powerful message and her willingness to be very open about her struggle for a solid relationship.

31. While We Wait by Kehlani

Leave it to Kehlani to bless us for the year with this amazing project. She spilled all her emotions on every track, purposely creating a intimate album.

She sings about giving up on her relationship on “Footsteps” and discusses the issues with obstacles of love in “Too Deep” and “Nights Like This.” Kehlani wants to be appreciated no matter the time on “Morning Glory” and wants to better understand her partner on “Love Language.”

Favorite song is “Nunya” with DOM KENNEDY because she voices discomfort about people eavesdropping on her relationship and does it in an melodic manner.

30. People by Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong UNITED released yet another project full of energetic worship songs with People. The presence of the unedited vocals, live instruments and the voice of the crowd allow the listener to be transported into a powerful realm of worship and praise.

Reflective songs such as “Ready Or Not”, “Clean” and “Holy Ground” will put you on your knees while ”Might Sound Wild”, “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)” and “As You Find Me” spring you back into action. Tearjerkers include “Starts And Ends” and “Highlands."

Favorite Song has to be “Starts And Ends” because of the successful mesh of two songs and the smooth transitions between the different vocals and lyrics.

29. The Lion King: The Gift by Beyoncé

Beyoncé didn’t disappoint with The Lion King: The Gift as she invited a slew of artists who embodied the theme of the fabled African story. However, Bey celebrated the rise of Afrobeats by featuring numerous African juggernauts such as Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade.

The album creates an eerie of intense energy with “Don’t Jealous Me”, “Water” and “My Power." However, peace is restored with bangers such as “Already”, “Nile” and “Ja Ara E”. Beyoncé then provides solo vocals to songs such as “Spirit” and “Bigger” which encapsulate the message of the movie.

My favorite song was definitely "My Power" due to the intense verve and powerful message.

28. Anger Management by Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats

Rico Nasty holds no shame in Anger Management and goes off rapping about her dominance in the rap game.

The intensity felt in this project is unlike any other. Such powerful emotions can be felt in “Cold”, “Cheat Code”, “Hatin” and “Big T*****s”. She brags about her success in “Relative” and “Mood” and holds nothing back.

Favorite song was definitely “Relative” because the flow on the song and her incredible word play.

27. Les Étoiles Vagabondes by Nekfeu

One of the greatest French rappers alive dropped a classic album that deserved all of our praise. Les Étoiles Vagabondes fully displays Nekfeu’s skillful flow in his prime. Every song told an incredible story and illuminated gems full of punchlines.

He began his album with a title track and “Alunissons” which both detailed stories of his lost identity and his need for personal space. He goes further to explain his upbringing and lessons learned in “Natsukashii.” Introspective themes were present in “Ciel Noir” and “Takotsubo.” Nevertheless, the album was not void of energy as he demonstrated his legendary flow in “Cheum” and “Menteur menteur.” His collaborations with Alpha Wann in “Compte les hommes”, Damso in “Tricheur” and Nemir in “Elle pleut” also injected adequate doses of verve to the magnificent album.

Favorite song has to be “Cheum” because Nekfeu yields his bag of tricks to demonstrate extraordinary levels of lyricism and gusto.

26. Fever by Megan Thee Stallion

Megan came at everyone’s neck with her combative voice in Fever. No track on the album was void of bars and excellent wordplay.

The intro “Realer”, served as a great welcome for fans. On “W.A.B”, “Ratchet” and “Hood Rat S**t”, she exposes her relentless side while being braggadocious on songs like “Money Good”, “Cash S**t."The entire album was fire-packed and its theme was very consistent.

My favorite song “Realer” because it exposed the unrelenting voice of Megan, where she delves into full beast mode.

25. Ignorance Is Bliss by Skepta

Skepta did not come to play with his album Ignorance I Bliss. He makes his points clear in “Greaze Mode” while transitioning into the hard-hitting beat form “Redrum” and “No Sleep."

Skepta stays true to his aggressive rap-style but relaxes on “Love Me Not” and very introspective on “Animal Instinct." Energy rises again on “Pure Water” to conclude the album. It was masterfully created and the songs were well produced and engineered.

My favorite song was the fan-favorite “Redrum” because of the forceful beat and Skepta’s contentious flow.

24. Hollywood's Bleeding by Post Malone

This is the first time I listened analyzed Post Malone’s project and it blew my mind in every way possible. He went in all possible directions with this album and there was literally no dull moment in the album.

He flexes about his life story in “Saint-Tropez” and dabbles in pop with DaBaby in “Enemies.” He also gets uniquely personal about his troublesome relationship in “A Thousand Bad Times.” Hits such as “Circles”, “Die For You” and “Goodbyes” heavily complemented the album’s energy. His collaboration with SZA on “Staring At The Sun” and Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott on “Take What You Want” were excellent and showed his dynamic range in the game.

Favorite song is “Take What You Want” because of the intense energy on the song and how all three musicians bodied the track.


I never knew who Billie Eilish was until I decided to listen to her music after all the buzz generated from her second studio album which was being labeled as her magnum opus. In fact, I wasn’t disappointed and I loved the entire concept of the album where her vocals give off devilish vibes and allowed her character to play the role of a super-villain.

Her character becomes spiritual in songs such as “xanny” and “all good girls go to hell” while experimenting with engaging beats in “you should see me in a crown” and “bad guy.” She also illuminated her personal and loving side in songs such as “ilomilo” and “i love you”.

My favorite song was “you should see me in a crown” because of her badass persona on the song.

22. The Lost Boy by YBN Cordae

“This is lyrical exercise, told my idols to step aside.” This is the quote that best represents Cordae’s personality in this album. His storytelling game and versatile flow can be felt throughout the entire project.

“Wintertime” and “We Gon Make It” put you on a reflective mood while “Broke As Fuck”, “Have Mercy” and “RNP” introduce you to Cordae’s lyrical ability.

My favorite song was “Have Mercy” because his storytelling ability went through the roof!

21. Revenge Of The Dreamers III by Dreamville

J.Cole literally assembled his entire clique to work on this amazing project. Every track was filled with bars, crazy lyrical flows and potent stories. It didn't just focus on hip-hop but used other music genres such as R&B, pop and punk rock.

The heat arrived with “Under The Sun” while “Down Bad” engulfed all of the bars from the associated artists. Chill vibes were found in “Swivel”, “Self Love” and “Oh Wow...Swerve.” The album wasn’t void of gusto as “Wells Fargo” and “Costa Rica” will get you out of your seats to scream the lyrics.

Favorite song was “Swivel” because it gave an insight into the dark alleys of a troublesome neighborhood and served as a caution to people who took chances to venture into the scary world.

20. Diaspora by GoldLink

This was a fantastic album and the title speaks for itself. A lot of credit should be given to GoldLink as he used his platform to reach out to artists of different ethnicities in the Black Diaspora to create such a magnificent album.

He evokes chill vibes in “Joke Ting” with Ari PenSmith and “Maniac.” He then proceeds to rap about misjudgments in a sexual relationship with Khalid on “Days Like This.” More pleasant songs include “U Say” with Tyler, The Creator and “More” with Lola Rae. He engages with Afrobeats artists such as Maleek Berry and Wizkid on “Zulu Dreams” and “No Lie” as well using elements of dancehall in “Yard” and “Spanish Song.” He gets into beast mode in “Rumble” with Jackson Wang and Lil Nei as well as “Cokewhite” with Pusha T

Favorite song was “Days Like This” because of the simple relaxing beat and Khalid’s soothing voice in collaboration with GoldLink’s flow.

19. Death Race For Love by Juice WRLD

It is extremely disheartening to talk about the project of an artist that sadly passed away before reaching his prime. Juice was very different from other rappers due to his willingness to discuss his personal issues with drug use and mental health, the latter which is rarely discussed in the music industry.

In Death Race for Love, Juice makes his struggles with drugs and stable mental health right off the rip in “Empty” and “Maze.” He takes it to another level on “HeMotions.” He evokes romantic feelings in “Hear Me Calling” while dropping gems of trap in “The Bees Knees” and “Out My Way.”

Favorite song has to be “Ring Ring” because of his dissociation with the world in a way to hide his true feelings.

18. OASIS by Bad Bunny & J. Balvin

Bad Bunny and J. Balvin packed the heat with OASIS with a diverse array of sounds and genres from all over the world.

In such a short album, they dive into a paradise with “QUÉ PRETENDES”, “MOJAITA” and yet they find themselves vulnerable in “ODIO” and “LA CANCIÓN”. In another spin, you can see yourself whining to songs such as “COMO UN BEBÉ” and start mosh pits with “YO LE LLEGO” and “CUIDAO POR AHÍ”.

My favorite song was “COMO UN BEBÉ” because J. Balvin and Bad Bunny successfully blended reggaeton with afrobeats.

17. Climaxxx by Dalex

Climaxxx was definitely one of the coherent albums of 2019. Dalex's voice, seductive beats and themes about hedonism make it a vintage reggaeton album of the new generation. However, he experiments with different sounds while remaining consistent with his themes.

In songs like “Lo Que Te Gusta”, “Cuaderno”, “Vuelva A Ver”, he sings in a enticing way to basically attract a form of erotic love that he has long desired. In contrast, songs like “Especial”, “Sin ti” and “Hola” demonstrate his heartbrokenness and regret which displays his emotional sense of vulnerability.

My favorite song was definitely “Se Te Olvidé” which used very simple beats and a prominent sound of a guitar while conveying a message of a lovely invitation for dinner.

16. Utopía by Romeo Santos

First and foremost, Romeo Santos deserves immense credit for partnering up with all the legendary bachateros such as Raulin Rodriguez, Luis Vargas and Joe Veras to create the fantastic album, Utopía. The theme of love was thoroughly expressed in every song as usual in bachata.

In “Canalla”, he sings about loving in troublesome situations yet in “Payasos”, he relishes the fact that him and his competitor are clowns in dreaming about love with a woman they have no chance with. Elements of retribution are found in “La Demanda” and “Los Ultimos” while he languishes about his futile ability to revisit the past in “Amor Enterrado”. He caps his album off with “Inmortal” as he sings about his infinite love for his lover.

Favorite song has to be “Amor Enterrado” because Romeo and Joe Veras killed that duo.

15. Over It by Summer Walker

Summer Walker came in clutch with her debut album and debuted at the No.2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with 134,000 first week sales. It wasn’t a surprise as Summer made her feelings known throughout the entire album. The flow of the album was absolutely flawless and the sounds of her guitar made waves throughout as well.

In songs such as “Body”, “Playing Games” she gets very affectionate and yet cautious about her relationship. Yet in songs such as “Tonight”, “Potential”, “Like It”, she demonstrates the affectionate side of her as well. Collaborations such as with Usher in “Come Thru”, Drake in “Girls Need Love”, Jhene Aiko in “I’ll Kill You” and 6LACK in “Like It” gave the album its dynamic voice and appeal.

My favorite song was "Over It" because it was probably the most poetic song in the album and effectively highlighted her amazing vocals.

14. As Promised by King Promise

King Promise produced a critically-acclaimed album with As Promised. He did his homework by incorporating samples and relevant influence from classic high-life songs while sticking to his original sound. His theme of love was felt throughout the album and the flow of the album was beautifully weaved.

He demonstrated intense desire with songs such as “Bra”, Selfish, Pt. 2” and “Abena." He delved into different languages such as Ga in “Obee Esh3”, Twi in “CCTV”, Pidgin English in “F.O.D.D” and English in “Odo”. His collaborations were well-matched with his sound as well.

My favorite song will always be “Abena” because of the sample he used from Daddy Lumba

13. Sueños by Sech

Sech had a monstrous year and it was due to the hard work he put into making one of the best reggaeton albums of the decade. An Afro-Panamanian finally dominates a genre they helped create. In Sueños, he sings about his childhood, broken relationships, the latter served as the main theme of his album.

He begins his wonderful project with “Soñando Despierto” while detailing his shaky relationships in “Falsas Promesas”, “Tiene Novio” and “Boomerang”. His biggest hits “Que Más Pues” and “Otro Trago” were critically as excellent as his other non-promotional singles.

Overall, my favorite song has to be “Falsas Promesas” because of the theme of the song and the emotional message that he conveys.

12. Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood definitely produced the best alternative rock album of 2019 with Titanic Rising. Her soothing voice can be felt throughout the album and puts you in a mood of complete relaxation.

The intro, “A Lot’s Going to Change” puts you at ease and sets you up for the classic, “Andromeda." Songs such as “Everyday” inject a dose of energy into the album while “Movies” and “Wild Time” draw ideals of introspection.

My favorite song is “Picture Me Better” because of its emotional message and infectious sounds from the guitars used.

11. Norman Fucking Rockwell! by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s album was definitely one for the record books. The vocals and the coherent theme of love made her effectively express her true emotions throughout the project.

She starts off by revealing her extravagant form of love in “Venice Bitch” and “Mariners Apartment Complex.” She later appears downright honest in “Fuck It, I Love You” while emitting summer vibes in “Doin’ Time” and “The Next Best American Record.”

My favorite song has to be “Love Song” because of the theme of intimacy and the relaxing feeling of the song.

10. African Giant by Burna Boy

No other African musician made it bigger than Oluwa Burna this year. His album, African Giant, cemented his place on the world stage and helped introduce the Afrobeats genre to the larger music market. African Giant encapsulated Burna’s growth as a star and featured multiple sounds and artists from the diaspora, making it attain the global attraction that Afrobeats has rarely tapped.

Verve is found in "Anybody" and "Killin Dem" while feelings of romance can be heard in "Gum body" and "On the Low."

My favorite song was definitely "Killin Dem" because of the energy Burna Boy entrusted into the song and the dances that arose as a result.

9. Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

Lizzo’s debut album was one of the best projects of the year and embodied the numerous personas that make up the artist. The bold album is more than the most known track, “Truth Hurts” and holds themes such as empowering women and being your own boss.

She passionately sings about love in “Cuz I Love You” and “Cry Baby” while encouraging self-reliance and independence in “Like A Girl” and “Soulmate.” “Juice” also displays her innate swag while tracks such as “Tempo” and “Exactly How I Feel” pack the heat for the album. The singer also has fun in “Better In Color” and “Truth Hurts.”

My favorite song was “Soulmate” due to her intense praise for independence.

8. When I Get Home by Solange

Solange outdid herself with the release of When I Get Home as she relied heavily on her melodic voice and soulful beats. Every song’s message and sound were distinctively unique even though everything flowed together.

She sings about trust in “Jerrod” and “Down With The Clique” while exuding dreamy vibes from the 90s in “Way to the show” and “Dreams." In “Almeda”, she displays extreme love for the Black community and later engages in a playful rap duel with Gucci Mane in “My Skin My Logo.”

My favorite song is “Jerrod” because of the fantastic soulful vibes.

7. -Ugh, Those Feels Again by Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra dropped one of the best R&B albums of the decade and will probably rise to the top in the coming years with her distinct sound. In -Ugh, Those Feelings Again, she sings about her relationships and life in general.

She gets really intimate in “Situationship”, “Peace” and “Whoa." Elements of church choirs are evoked in “Find Someone Like You” while love is represented in “Love Like That” and “Charleville 9200, Pt. 11”.

Nonetheless, she sings about heartbreak in “Nothing to Me” which has since been a fan-favorite and mine’s as well.

6. So Much Fun by Young Thug

Honestly, Thugga’s album was a whole lotta fun and much more. I believe this is Thugga’s magnum opus and demonstrates his mastery in the new era of hip hop with his versatile array of lyrical weapons while demonstrating a high level of creativity and energy. His collaborations with Gunna, Lil Duke, Future, Travis Scott and J. Cole didn’t make his lose his sound, however they demonstrated his eclectic style in every song.

He dwells in paradise in songs such as “Light It Up”, “Surf”, “Ecstasy” and “I’m Scared”, while demonstrating immense lyrical ability in songs such as “Mannequin Challenge”, “Cartier Gucci Scarf”, “The London” and “Bad Bad Bad.”

His most known song might be “Hot” but his best was definitely “Mannequin Challenge”. It seemed Thugga could rap for more than an hour with his energy while dropping gems full of bars.

5. Magdalene by FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs came in clutch with her critically-acclaimed album Magdalene, and it fully embodied the artist’s exceptional craft in producing great music. The genre-blending album illuminates the numerous personas of the artist in a luscious way.

Sounds of church choirs are evoked by her vocals on “thousand eyes” while feelings of comfort and affection are felt on songs “home with you”, “sad day” and “mary magdalene” respectively. She also demonstrates her powerful side on “mirrored heart” and vulnerable personality on “fallen angel.” The album then ends with relaxing lullaby “daybreak.”

My favorite song wasn“fallen angel” because of the spiritual ambience evoked by her vulnerability.

4. IGOR by Tyler, The Creator

Tyler produced one of his most ambitious and creative albums of the 2010's decade with IGOR. It spun so many great songs and had moments of brilliance in each of them. The artist successfully meshed electronic sounds with his hip hop flow to create a wondrous blend of music.

“IGOR’S THEME” starts the album triumphantly with its bold sound and the rest just fall in place. For songs to scream aloud, look no further than “EARFQUAKE” and “RUNNING OUT OF TIME.” Songs with a lot of verve include “I THINK”, “NEW MAGIC WAND” and “WHAT’S GOOD." Political songs include “A BOY IS A GUN”.

My favorite song was “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” because of the excellent mesh between Tyler’s flow and the addition of background singers.

3. Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery by The Comet Is Coming

The Comet is Coming did an excellent job in creating a neo-fusion of jazz and EDM sounds in the most cohesive manner possible. There was no dull moment in the album even though it lacked the vocals to grab one’s attention.

“Because the End Is Really the Beginning” served as the album’s anthem while other such as “Summon the Fire” and “Blood of the Past” introduced the verve the album needed. Elements of house were present in “Super Zodiac” while songs such as “Astral Flying” and “Timewave Zero” relied on the elements of jazz.

My favorite song was"Because the End Is Really the Beginning" because of the successful mesh of the electronic sound in collaboration with the trumpets and drums.

2. Famouz by Jhay Cortez

Famouz was undoubtedly the best reggaeton album of 2019. In his debut album, Jhay demonstrates his extraordinary talent with his songwriting skills and enticing vocals while relying on modern elements of reggaeton to make Famouz a classic. The whole theme of this album was centered on comfort, and he demonstrated it in so many ways that no other artist of 2019 ever did.

He passionately sings about love in “Imaginaste”, “Apaga Las Luces”, “En La Mía” and “Tocarte”. He then ventures into a realm of brag with “Cuanto E$”, “Subiendo de Nivel”, “Costear” and “Sabe”. He also evokes classic themes of reggaeton with “Somos Iguales” while providing bangers such as “No Me Conoce (Remix)” and “Cuando Bebe”. Jhay is ready to be the new face of reggaeton and its only a matter of time before that transition happens.

My favorite song was "Apaga Las Luces" because of the melodic ambience he creates and the song's seductive lyrics.

1. Eve by Rapsody

This album was very deep and had so much advice and political messages that one literally needs to listen to every song for more than three times to unpack all the juice. Eve was the most inspirational album of the year and Rapsody did an excellent job by talking about Black history and educating the society in a very poetic manner. She criticizes her fake support in “Cleo” and further reminds people to not cross the line before she “acts up” in “Whoopi.” She then raps about persistence in “Serena”, appreciation of Blackness in “Tyra” while dropping gems of wisdom in “Ibtihaj” and “Myrlie.”

In addition, she provides energy for fellow Black women in “Michelle” and praises them in “Iman.” Queen Latifah joins her to encourage Black men to “always protect Black women” in “Hatshepsut.” Her flow and numerous political messages distinguish her album from almost every other album released this year. I expect Eve to garner several awards due to its excellent production and superb quality.

My favorite song was “Hatshepsut” because of the reinforcement of the mentality to protect Black women no matter the condition.

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