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Watch Paul George's Final Season Mixtape With The OKC Thunder

Paul George's last season with OKC Thunder earned him the third position in MVP race. Statistically, that was his best season ever. Sadly, that era ended with D.A.M.E. Dolla's terrific three-point shot. Paul's next chapter will begin with the LA Clippers where he will team up with 2X NBA Champion, Kawhi Leonard. All eyes will be on the versatile duo.

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Paul George averaged the most PPG of his career (28 PPG) while shooting 44% from the field and 38% from downtown. He was selected his 6th All-Star game, 4th All-Defensive team and 5th All-NBA team. He led the league in SPG with 2.2 and attempted the most threes of his career with 9.8 a game.

He contributed immensely to the team's success. His all-round game helped in distributing points across the floor and taking pressure of score-first point guard, Russell Westbrook. Defensively, he contributed by amassing steals and guarding the most elite forwards and guards in the game.

Unfortunately, his last game for the team will always be remembered for guarding Damian Lillard's deadly three-pointer that painfully eliminated the OKC Thunder in the first round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

His next chapter will begin with the Los Angeles Clippers as he joins forces with 2X NBA Champion, Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers team is highly favored to win the NBA Finals with an extremely potent lineup with stars such as Lou Williams, Patrick Beverly and Moe Harkless. According to Clipsnation, PG is likely to miss the first six weeks of the season after undergoing surgery on both shoulders.

However, all eyes will be on the the dynamic duo of the Clippers team. They will need to thread through the tough Western Conference by facing LeBron James and the Lakers as well as the fiery duo of Westbrook and Harden of the Houston Rockets.

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